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We Provide Different Services In Construction Field

Civilie Contracting has unmatched capabilities across Technology, Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing, and maintains a superintendence in all its major lines of business.


"We build residential houses, apartments,townhouses,commercial buildings (such as hotels, business offices, villas) and public sector constructions. We commit to offering our clients exceptional services.
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We provide remodelling to old, damaged & defective buildings.
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Interior Designing plays an important role as it's all about the final touch-ups. Lighting makes all the difference to any ambience.
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Other Services we offer

We at Civilie Contracting ensure to meet luxury, Mordernity & heritage as per requirement.

Turnkey projects

At Civilie we can take a project from conception to completion, handing it in its entirety from the ground up. These turnkey projects are increasingly popular in new construction. Our company also delivers certain renovations on a turnkey basis. When the facility is ready to occupy, Our Company “turns the key over” to the client. As these projects are streamlined, this approach is popular when deadlines are tight or resource limited. An owner/developer must value the expertise and integrity when assigning a complete project to one firm. Since the client cedes a certain amount of control in such an arrangement, trust is paramount. The right contract terms can increase transparency for the client and solidify that foundation of trust moving forward. 
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New construction

Our company can be called upon for the implementation of designs of an independent architect. Simply put, the architect designs and we build. Sometimes we provide more comprehensive design-build services and coordinate all aspects of the project. Either way, we enlist the services of speciality to make the design a reality. The firm ensures compliance with local codes and zoning requirements. As a contracting company we often have a say in which code-compliant building materials are used to construct the building.  
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Interior fit-outs

Once a commercial tenant leases space, it’s time to build it out. The tenant typically gets a space with studded walls and functioning utilities. Drywall may or may not be covering the studded walls and there may or may not be finished flooring and a finished ceiling. To complete what is often called a fit-out or a build-out, the tenant would need our service in this matter.  We complete everything that’s required before & after the inventory. We possess extensive knowledge of appropriate building materials. Access to skilled craftsmen and an insight into efficient systems are our valuable qualities. 
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Site improvements

Site improvements are another area of expertise for us. Information from the architect, engineer and landscape architect go into the site plan. We then make the plan a reality. in some cases we provide certain design service in-house.
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